What Led Me To Bowenwork

Like all licensed massage therapists, I am frequently on the lookout for new modalities of body work. Such was the case when I was approached by a friend and fellow massage therapist about taking training in Bowenwork. Neither of us knew much about it but learned that a series of classes was being offered in our area the following week. Not wanting to make an impulsive decision, I told my friend that I wanted to “sleep on it,” and that I would give her my decision the following day.
That night, I dreamt I went to the home of a massage client, whom, in this dream, was difficult to work with. In the dream, I reluctantly arrived at her home and with a great lack of enthusiasm, massaged her leg using only my index finger. She fell asleep and waking a few minutes later exclaimed it was the most wonderful session she ever had. She felt healed!

This dream convinced me that I was meant to take the Bowenwork training. The next day, I enrolled in my first module and at the first class, I was amazed to see that the Bowenwork moves were similar to the one-fingered “massage” I had given the client in the dream.

Furthermore, I had a chance to experience the effectiveness of Bowenwork firsthand. In my first weekend of training, I strained my back and on the second day of class I had such a severe backache that I could hardly tie my shoes. I managed to get to class that day and explained my dilemma to the instructor. She performed several Bowenwork moves on me before class got underway. Within an hour, I felt my muscle spasms release and by the end of class I was well enough to carry my equipment back to the car. I was truly amazed and it was then that I knew I had to bring this work to my clients. It is now the therapy which I most often use in my practice, and with beautiful results.