Bowenwork Gets Results

Three to five sessions one week apart are usually all that are required for most sports injuries, work-related injuries, and problems brought about by long-term overuse. Clients with more complex conditions usually improve with additional sessions. Neurological and some other chronic conditions may require ongoing maintenance sessions.

Each session typically involves gentle rolling pressure along the muscles, tendons, and fascia to effect a change in the underlying tissue. The changes stimulate the body’s autonomic nervous system to rebalance and will initiate a healing response on structural and energetic levels.

After your first session, some changes may be noticeable right away:

    Reduced pain
    Greater range of motion
    A sense of relaxation and well-being

You will most likely notice changes n the next several days as your body continues the process that began during your session. Sounder sleep and increased energy are often reported. I may assign “homework” of gentle Bowenwork exercises that you will need to do daily beginning the day after your session and will greatly improve your results.


Bowenwork addresses many conditions

Bowenwork, also known as the Bowen Technique, or Bowtech, is a system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that was developed by the late Thomas Bowen of Geelong, Australia. It uses small, gentle movements over specific locations on the body to stimulate the body’s own healing, and is safe and appropriate for everyone, from newborns to the very elderly and frail.

After your session, some changes are noticeable right away. Reduced pain, increased range-of-motion, and a greater sense of relaxation and well-being are often reported. Just some of the conditions which can be treated with Bowenwork are:

  • traumatic or sports injuries
  • overuse injuries
  • back, neck, shoulder and knee pain
  • respiratory conditions/asthma
  • digestive conditions/GERD, reflux
  • headaches/migraines
  • gynecological/fertility issues
  • chronic stress
  • fibromyalgia

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About Me

About Dawn Groves

I hope to help you with your health, energy and comfort. I have worked with a wide variety of clients and will apply my extensive experience and healing creativity for the best possible outcome for you.

My credentials:

    Licensed Massage Therapist, Baltimore School of Massage, 1997
    Reiki Master, 2000
    Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, 2004
    Master Level A.R.C.H. Healer, 2004
    Certified Medical Intuitive, 2005
    Advanced Bowenwork, 2010
    Continuing Spiritual Study with Laurie Grant, known as Mother
    Uri, 2012 – Present

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